Best of Both Worlds: 3 Things to Know About the Bleisure Trend

Friends Enjoying a Movie “Work hard, play hard.” That’s what most professionals live by. Often though, people see “work” and “play” happening on two different occasions. Work is what you do 9 – 5, while play is what you do after those hours, at the bar, or on the weekends, at the beach. But did you know that it’s possible to have work and play at the same time? A lot of people seem to pull this off just right. It’s called ‘bleisure’, the combination of business and leisure. Here are some things you might want to know about this lifestyle trend among professionals:

1. It Happens in Travels

Bleisure is common among frequent business travellers. When a company sends someone to different cities or countries to attend a conference or meet a prospective client, the employee isn’t necessarily working all the time. There are downtimes, say after the convention or the meetings. And during these downtimes, some professionals would squeeze in a visit to a museum in that city or catch a fresh breeze on the nearby beach.

This doesn’t mean though that professionals get lax when it comes to working during business travels. In fact, employees are more conscious of their job and more transparent to their bosses precisely because of the feeling of privilege this experience gives.

2. It Prevents Burnout

A lot of professionals say that bleisure doesn’t just allow them to make the most of their time during travels — it also helps them embrace work-life balance. And that keeps them from going empty and getting burnout. When you’re able to take a break from a long day at the conference and just witness the sun setting at a New Zealand beach, it makes you calm and relieved. And that relief translates to being refreshed for another long day of work.

And speaking of New Zealand, if you’re travelling to this beautiful country soon, you really can’t miss their beaches. And for the ultimate bleisure experience, go for a limo hire to take you to the best tourist spots in style. Additionally, if you want a hassle-free transportation from the airport to the conference center, limo services are your best bet.

3. It Boosts Employee Morale

Often, most employees would give thank-you cards to their bosses when they get back to the office. Bleisure just makes people appreciative of the privilege of experiencing another ‘world’ or culture, while being able to represent their company. Overall, it increases employee morale.

So, for employers, if you notice a slump on productivity on your team members, maybe a business travel would change things up a bit. It would give them a new kind of challenge, at the same time, let them see a new ‘world’ other than your office. And as a treat, maybe you can surprise them with a limo waiting for them at the airport?

Bleisure is now a part of the reality of many professionals today. And the mantra remains the same: work hard, play hard at the same time.