A Closer Look at the Merits and Journeys of the Aluminium Beverage Can

Aluminium soda cansThere is no better-known source for scrap metal recycling than beverage cans. However, most of us still do not throw soda cans into bins labelled, “recycle.”

Perhaps we do not realise that when landfills burn and melt aluminium cans along with other types of garbage, they are burning money and wasting resources.

What is the real value of the aluminium beverage can?

Aluminium might get the cheapest rates at scrap yards compared with other metals, but it is quite valuable. Think about how aluminium cans and other materials made from the alloy, can repeatedly be recycled without losing its innate properties.

The automobile industry will have all the raw material it needs to build vehicles for a year if we recycle every bit of aluminium we currently use today. There really is no need to extract new aluminium from bauxite ore — a process requiring significant energy and water resources. We only have to use what we already have in circulation.

Where do you find aluminium cans?

Knowing where to look saves you time and energy. If you are serious about scrapping for aluminium cans, look for outdoor concert venues where people tend to discard beer cans everywhere.

Your luck might hold in a festival as well if you patiently sift through the grounds and bins. Just make sure you are not trespassing. Other potential sources of aluminium cans are local businesses, your workplace, and the homes of relatives and friends.

The downside is this — aluminium is the least expensive recyclable metal per pound. The metal is lightweight, and so you need to collect a lot if the goal is to go home with a wad of extra cash.

However, you could choose to think that you can easily collect plenty of it because it is common. You could also think that you are doing the world a lot of good by collecting aluminium scraps.