5 Things You Should Do Right After a Car Crash

Car CrashA car accident is an event no one wants to experience. Besides the fact that it can happen anytime, you'll also have to think about car damage, physical damage, and legal action that you might need to deal with. You can never be too prepared for things like these. The list below will tell you what to do after an accident, as advised by Feldman & Lee PC.

Stop your vehicle.

Surely you’ve heard of that serious crime called “Hit and Run.” It’s crucial that you stop your car after crashing into another car (or after getting crashed into), to check if there’s any damage to the vehicle or the driver.

Make sure no one was hurt.

Lives are more important than vehicles. If no one got hurt, then you can move on to checking the vehicles for damage. If there are major injuries, complaints of neck or back pain, or if someone is unconscious, call for medical help right away. Never try to move them as this could worsen the injury.

Don’t move the cars involved in the accident.

Make sure that everything stays in place until the police arrive so they can examine the accident themselves. You'll also have to turn your hazard lights on to warn approaching cars that they have to adjust accordingly.

Call the Police.

When they arrive, tell them everything that happened and ask them to write up a police report. Ask for their names and contact information should you need to get in touch with them for a copy of the report.

Get the information of the other driver.

And give them yours as well. That's name, address, date of birth, driver's license, contact information, car registration, and insurance information. The police will also gather this information, but you'll never know when you can use it yourself.

If you incurred any injury, you could talk to your attorney. Also, inform your insurance company right away. They usually require these accidents to be reported immediately. Be responsible; drive safe.