4 Ways of Maintaining Healthy Teeth in Children

Little Girl Having her Teeth Checked

Ensuring that your kids brush their teeth on a daily basis is not an easy task as most children will do anything so that they don’t brush their teeth; including throwing tantrums. As a result, this becomes a daily struggle for most parents. Therefore, it is paramount that parents know ways in which they can ensure their children’s teeth are healthy. Listed below are the top four of some of these ways.

1. Allow Them to Choose Their Toothbrush

Getting your kids involved in matters concerning their teeth is one way to change their attitude towards brushing their teeth. Letting them choose their toothbrush is one way of getting them involved. They may decide one that they associate with their favorite TV character or one in their favorite color. If possible let them choose toothbrushes with their favorite cartoon characters printed on them.

2. Make It Fun

Most children view brushing their teeth as a tedious and tiresome task. To avoid this, play their favorite song while they are brushing their teeth and ensure that they only stop brushing their teeth when the song stops. If you have a lovely voice, then you can sing to them instead.

3. Frequent Check-Ups

Most kids do not like going to the dentist. This is probably because going to the dentist is not a habit for them. You can lessen this fear by making the dental visits habitual. Not only will this reduce the fear but you will also ensure that your child’s teeth are in tip top shape. Make a point of visiting a pediatric dental clinic in Murray, such as Walker Pediatric Dentistry, that will answer to all your dental concerns.

4. Make It Part and Parcel of Your Routine

For your kids to take brushing their teeth as something serious and mandatory, you need to become a good role model in this by brushing your teeth daily too. Also, let them see it as something they cannot avoid by not giving up quickly when they refuse to brush their teeth.

By doing the above, you can keep the common teeth problems that affect children such as tooth caries and even early tooth loss at bay. Dentists recommend that dental care starts as soon as when the child gets their first tooth, that is, at around six months.