4 Unique Business Ideas for the Inspired Entrepreneur

Businesswoman having a coffee breaks while thinking inside the officeTired of the 9-5 workday routine and looking forward to having your own business? You’ll need a solid business idea and plan for that. If you need help getting those creative juices flowing, here are some examples to inspire you:

1. Pet Hotel

If you’ve never had a problem with pet-sitting or fostering an animal, you could turn this into a business venture. Do you have a shed in your backyard or garage space you can use? You can renovate that and convert into a pet hotel where those furry friends can lounge for a few hours or maybe check in for a couple of days while their owners are away.

2. Organic Restaurant

With organic food getting the recognition and following it deserves, you could consider starting your own organic restaurant. Dabbling into this niche market would have some risk, as there are still preconceived notions surrounding the organic movement.

But fret not because this is a growing industry and the forecast is looking good. Now, just draw up a business plan and work on the specifics, such as the location, menu, system, and organic ingredient suppliers.

3. Aerial Inspection

Drones have become such a big hit that it burgeoned into a massive industry, branching into different segments of varying markets ranging from the toy industry to filmmaking, military, and delivery system. If you want to make your dough by getting a slice of this big pie of an industry, you could start your own drone business by offering aerial inspection to agricultural and industrial land.

4. Coaching

Are you an expert at something? If so, there’s a good chance that there are people who would pay to become your students. It doesn’t matter if it’s very niche-specific like modeling and belly dancing, or very general like public speaking. As long as you’re good at that field, you can become your own product and market those special skills to people who are willing to learn from you.

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t need to mean building the next Facebook or Amazon. Most of the time, entrepreneurs are just people who are extremely inspired with an idea that they decide to take the plunge despite the potential risks.