4 Top Mistakes to Avoid Once You Buy a Metal Brake

Sheet metal productionLet’s say you’ve spotted several sheet metal brakes for sale and you intend to get them to boost the productivity of your business. Your top concern, of course, is how you can get the most out of it without worrying about costly repairs. That’s possible, as jmcautomotiveequipment.com and other experts noted, but only if you avoid these three common mistakes:

Neglecting the metal brake

Like all other equipment, sheet metal brakes need regular maintenance to stay in good condition. Unfortunately, many average shops don’t take the time to clean their metal brakes. As a result, dirt and grime accumulate and increase wear and tear. If metal dust enters the control panel, the equipment may experience electrical problems. Faulty parts that are not promptly repaired can become a huge issue.

Not lubricating your equipment

If you notice that the ram is sticking, one of the potential culprits is the failure to lubricate the metal brake. But it’s not just the ram that needs adequate lubrication. All other moving parts of the equipment does, too. The friction between parts of your equipment leads to early wearing and reduces its efficiency. While choosing a lubricant, go for one from a reputable manufacturer.

Failure to change hydraulic fluid

Your metal brake is made with an intricate hydraulic system. With time and continued use, the hydraulic fluid can be contaminated by dirt, water, and air. If you do not change the hydraulic fluid at the right time, you’ll soon notice that the equipment’s efficiency diminishes. You can have an experienced person help out in changing the hydraulic fluid if you’ve never done it before.

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