4 Tips to Increase Lighting in Your Room

Well-lit RoomBright rooms generally put people on a better disposition. Due to the light in the space, people that stay in bright rooms are usually more vibrant and happier. It also aids people to have better mental health and more energy for the entire day.

These are four of the best ways to increase lighting in a room in your house.

Install big mirrors

By adding mirrors and placing them in front of a window, it can reflect natural light into the whole space. Many homeowners like using mirrors because they can trick the eye. If placed well enough in a room, it can give the appearance of having a bigger space.

It is also effective in deflecting attention from other imperfections in the room. Purchase mirrors here in Auckland to add more natural lighting to your house.

Use light coloured curtains

Window treatments are important in bringing in more light to the room. To maximise the light that comes in even when the curtains or drapes are down, it would be smart to choose items that are light in colour. It would complement well with the room especially if the walls and ceilings are dark.

Utilise neutral colours for the wall’s paint

Sometimes, the room may seem dark because of the paint that you use. The best lighting-friendly paint colours are the neutral ones as they are best in reflecting light.

Add fluorescent light

If letting in natural light were just impossible, the last option for homeowners would be to just add a light bulb in the room that you can use anytime. This can maximise what little natural light the room receives.

Improved room lighting illuminates the entire room, which results in the area looking more spacious than it is. It also helps make it look more welcoming and warm for everyone.

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