4 Car Parts You May Confidently Buy Used

mechanic looking for spares at warehouseWhen in the market for car parts in Auckland, you face the choice of buying new or used. Making the right decision is essential, given the implications of getting an unsuitable auto part.

The fact is that there are car parts that are almost always best to get new and others you can confidently buy used. Here are four aftermarket parts it makes sense to buy.

Interior auto parts

When looking to replace floor mats, car seats or the steering wheel, you can opt for the more affordable used parts instead of brand new ones. Sure, some of these parts may exhibit signs of wear and tear, but they’re almost always in the same condition as your car.

Spare tires

No need to splash $150 on a new tire when need it. Chances are, you can get one in great condition from a local junkyard for a third of that figure. If you are lucky enough, you may even get a spare tire rim in good shape at no additional charges.

Windows and sunroofs

A cracked or shattered window will always need replacing ASAP. You don’t need to get a pricey new one when you can find an affordable one with plenty of life left at a local store for used auto parts.


Getting a new transmission can set you back thousands of dollars. Based on your car’s condition, you might want to think about going for a rebuilt used one that’s much cheaper than a brand new transmission.

Getting a used auto part that’s in mint shape is a smart way to save money on your replacements. Still, it’s very important to know what parts are safest for you to buy used, so you don’t run into trouble on the road.