3 Ways to Elevate Your Garden Style

A Rooftop GardenYou are happy with the way your garden looks, but somehow, you feel like it lacks "oomph." Here are three things you can do to make your garden look new and even more beautiful without having to redo it from the ground up.

A mix of colors and textures

You do not need to paint your plant boxes for this. You can simply use blooms of different colors to create a lively look. Throw in some plants with interesting leaf patterns to add some texture to the mix. Keep the look together by using contrast or combination colors to create a pattern.

Make use of plant containers

Introduce shapes to the space with the use of planters and plant stands in different sizes. Terracotta, Italian and Versailles planters create a sophisticated look. Use the larger ones to contain a combination of various delicate vines, foliage that forms a beautiful overflowing look. You can also use these large planters for topiaries, and position them to line a pathway or to create one to a doorway.

Another benefit of using planters is to make it easy to move plants to change up the look of the garden without having to spend for new plants. It is also easier to move the plants indoors or in the shade during extreme weather changes to protect them.

Create more space

If you want to add more plants but have no place to plant them on, create the space that you need by using plant boxes with stands, which you can position near a wall, and use the area in front of it to place smaller planters. This creates a layering look and adds dimension and depth to your garden, making it look larger than it is. It is also important to consider the pairing up of plants and pots to maximize each container and the entire space.