3 Things You Should Know About American Ginseng

Woman drinking ginseng teaGinseng has been around for thousands of years. Though more popular in eastern countries, the use of ginseng and ginseng products is slowly getting mainstream appeal in the US. Ginseng is often shrouded in mystery — so here are three facts that could shed a little light on this wonderful plant.

1. It’s readily available

There is a high demand for ginseng. Local producers have gone to the extent of having custom commercial greenhouse constructions — solely for the purpose of growing ginseng, according to Conservatory Craftsmen.

You don’t need to find an ancient pharmacy or search the mountains for this supposedly magical root — you can just go to a store or even order online. In fact, more than 5 million Americans use ginseng in one form or another.

2. It keeps away the flu

Ginseng boosts your immune system and the way your body reacts to flu and some other illnesses. Flu symptoms will be milder and less protracted if you even catch the flu at all.

This is especially important to the elderly who are more vulnerable to infections — and as a bonus, ginseng is actually proven to lower blood sugar levels.

3. It strengthens your body

Nope, not to the extent of giving you superpowers like some movies portray. Ginseng is historically known to strengthen both the body and mind and millions of people can attest to this fact. Ginseng is believed to promote longevity, and scientific research has proven this to be true.

Whether it’s for something as simple as flu or inflammations — or serious conditions like diabetes, cancer, or HIV — ginseng has been proven to have multiple beneficial effects.

It might not be as mystical or magical as you thought — but ginseng is still a powerful ingredient. Whether it’s in the form of a tea, oil, or supplement — a small amount of ginseng can give you a longer life and a healthier body.