3 Summer Season Roof Maintenance Activities

Man fixing the roofSummer is here again and what better time to for roof repairs and maintenance than now. Here are three weekender roof care projects you can do to refresh and weatherproof your roof this season.

Cleaning and Leak Testing

Summer is the best time of the year to clean the roof. It’s also a great time to do a leak test and identify any damaged portion on the roof for repair or replacement, to make sure it’s ready for the wet and winter months. As the summer heat helps dry the roof faster after cleaning, it makes it easier to proceed to the fixing and repainting part, if there is a need for it.

Pay Attention to the Gutters

Optimize your roof weatherproofing by installing seamless rain gutters. This type of rain gutter eliminates leaks that can cause watermarks on the exterior walls of your home.

It’s also ideal to have gutters made to measure to ensure proper fitting with the roof, like rain gutter installation companies from Wisconsin such as Bruce Andrews Seamless Gutters who make the gutters on-site.

These gutters are seamless, and thus improve the aesthetic look of your home’s exterior.

Paint it Up

Other than cleaning the roof, summer also proves the best time of the year to do some roof surface prepping and repainting, aka the roof makeover. The heat helps in making drying times faster, but the same heat can prove challenging in completing this task as the heat gets more intense as the day progresses.

Best to start early in the morning while the roof temperature is still low. Start from the top, working your way down, per side, and the following shade around the house to utilize daytime hours wisely for roof work.

These practical summer roof care projects will not only give you weather-proof roofing but will also enhance the look of your home, making it look better and looking new again.