3 Reasons Why Healthy Soil is Important in Farming

Crops from farmAll farmers want to yield healthier crops, and it all starts with the quality of your soil. That’s why it’s important to ensure your soil is not just ready for the next crop, but it’s also healthy.

Here are three reasons why soil health is crucial to producing healthy crops.

1. Healthy soil can evenly distribute nutrients.

Industry leader, Exapta Solutions, Inc. provides parts and equipment for no-till planters and drills. Not tilling the soil when planting crops can help make the soil healthier. How? It’s pretty simple. When farmers plow the field in preparation for new crops, they believe plowing encourages nutrients to be distributed to the lower layers of soil in time for the new crops’ roots. But no-till farmers find that not tilling the soil, coupled with the natural process of decaying stubble, allows nutrients to break down, and distribute nutrients without the effort of tillage.

2. Infertile dirt can affect your crop quality and yield quantity.

When soil is biologically healthy, it contains microorganisms that help your plants grow. These microbes can help enhance nutrient availability that stimulates better plant growth and crop yield. This is why it’s also important to consistently do a routine check on your field to spot any problems such as weed growth and pests as these can affect your soil quality and eventually your crop yield.

3. Healthy soil holds in moisture.

When your soil is healthy, the better it can retain moisture during dry spells. This is important because if plants do not receive the right amount of water at a given time, it can stunt your crop. The capacity of the soil to hold water is also important in instances when a heavy rain has fully saturated your field.

Keep an Eye on Soil Health

So, if you want to improve your crop quality and quantity, keep an eye on soil health. And keep these tips in mind to help prepare for the next batch of crops.