3 Major Considerations When Buying Adjustable Sit Stand Workstations

Man Working At A Sit Stand DeskWhile your ergonomic office chair is still delivering its assurance for comfort and a healthy sitting posture, you want to rise above the curse of illnesses that arise from inactivity. And looking at all the research you have compiled, only an adjustable sit stand workstation seems to offer this solution. But, with various types and designs of sit stand desks in the market today, it is proving challenging to find one that would best meet your office needs.

Here are three considerations to help you make an informed decision about that.

1. Your need and your office layout

If you work in an open office with your colleagues, before bringing in a sit-stand desk, you might need to talk to your workmates, human resource manager and your employer about how having this sit stand workstation will improve your productivity. If you have done your research well, you have enough proof why you need this new setup. You can also share with them complaints of chronic neck and back pain, and how a sit-stand desk makes for a good solution.

2. Consider your colleagues

Once again, if your office has an open layout, and everyone else works from their chairs, it seems awkward if you are the only one that is working while standing. But that should not stop you from getting a sit-stand desk; you can ask your boss to put up additional panels, so you will not seem to be peering over your co-workers’ shoulders. Or, better still, you can ask your employer to set aside a section for sit-stand desks.

3. Specify desk features

When planning to add a sit stand desk to your office, it is advisable you determine the exact features your workstation should have before place your order. Also, check for customer reviews on the desk you plan to buy to confirm that it suits the purpose for you intend it to meet.

While it is clear that adding an adjustable sit stand workstation to your office will not only help boost your productivity at work but also keep you away from sedentary vocations related ailments, it is equally important you ensure this new setup will stand in the way of your colleagues’ productivity. But you can always share with your co-workers and employer about the benefits of sit-stand desks, so you all come to the same level understanding.