3 Benefits of Adhering to the API 650 Tank Standard

a storage tankThe American Petroleum Institute (API) created its 650 standard to guide manufacturers in building oil and gas storage tanks. The standard was created by the organization so that there are consistent measures followed in producing tanks used in the industry.

Not all business owners, however, are required by the government to use tanks manufactured under the API standard. Despite this, more and more manufacturers are seeing the benefits of complying with it. Here are the benefits of following the API 650 standard when building a storage tank.

1. It’s how safe tanks are built.

API 650 tanks are built with “adequate safety” in mind. Along with API 653, the 650 standard highlights the need to know whether an atmospheric pressure liquid storage tank can contain a particular liquid. It also addresses the need for a tank to be structurally sound even when exposed to natural elements such as earthquakes, strong winds, extreme temperatures, etc.

Compliance to API 650 standard is crucial as far as safety is concerned. A tank leak, for example, can cause serious damage to property and life, so it pays for above ground tanks to be built with the utmost safety in mind. Check out this accident in Puerto Rico in 2009 to learn the potential harms of leaks.

2. It’s the international standard.

API 650 is recognized internationally. Most states have also adopted the standard in regulating the manufacture of such tanks and in implementing the maintenance and repair of the same. If you’re a manufacturer, using the API standard will help you pass state regulations easily. In case your state doesn’t have such regulations in place yet, complying with API will also save you from the stress and fines once your state starts to implement tank building regulations.

3. It protects your customer rights.

Buyers have the right to check for documents that prove that a storage tank is made according to the API 650 standard. The standard also states that buyers may even conduct an investigation, if necessary, to ensure the quality of the product. Compliant tank builders must be able to provide buyers with documents such as steel mill certifications, shell calculations, radiograph reports for weld integrity, and a certification that the tank adheres to the API 650 standard.

Whether you’re a manufacturer or a buyer, it pays to know the importance of compliance with strict industry standards such as API 650. It ensures storage tanks are of great quality, safe, and engineered to provide the best storage solution.