2 Convincing Reasons You Should Get a Swimming Pool

Kids playing in the poolSummer is here once again, and the heat can be a big motivation to go get yourself a swimming pool. Utah has been experiencing record-high heat waves the past two years, so it just might be time to call a good pool contractor.

Keeping cool in the sun isn’t the only benefit of having a swimming pool in your house. Dolphin-pools.com will say the same. Here are three more reasons you should consider calling that contractor.

1. You get more family time

Getting a pool gives your family a space where you can spend time together away from the television and your phones. You get to have fun activities and at the same time bond with your kids without leaving your home. It keeps your kids at home, though their friends might be coming over more frequently.

2. Swimming is a healthy activity

Utah has always been one of the healthiest states in the US, but obesity is creeping in. Swimming is one of the healthiest activity you and your family can get into — and probably the safest with regards to injury.

Swimming burns a lot of calories and even if you just hang around in the pool — you burn fat just by being in the water. It’s called thermogenesis, and it happens when your body burns fat to maintain your core temperature when exposed to cold.

It doesn’t have to be freezing cold as people think — a little cold, especially in water, is enough to spur thermogenesis.

It’s not just your kids that can have friends over — throw a barbeque by the pool and have a gathering with friends or workmates. Having a pool is a great way to entertain — and with minimal reliance on technology, your gatherings are a little more personal and a lot more fun for your guests.