100 Hours of Dentist CPD: Where to Start?

Dentist checking kid's teethFilling 100 hours with dentist CPD can seem like an awfully long time on top of holding down a busy job as a dentist, seeing patients from morning until evening and potentially also running the business side of things. Nonetheless, dentist CPD in Watford and elsewhere is essential to making the day-to-day life of a dentist go that much more smoothly. Keeping up to date with advances in the field and getting helpful tips on maximising the potential of a dental practice are all things that dentist CPD can provide.

In Watford, dentist CPD that covers these bases and more is available from Wisbora Conferences. Attending an all-day event can mean gaining up to 7 hours of dentist CPD. But more than just checking that box and totting up the hours, dentists can gain a wealth of information that they can go back to their dental practice with.

What’s to be learned through dentist CPD?

A variety of topics are covered by dentist CPD in Watford, some of which address the patient care side of things and others that are more geared towards dental practice management. Here are a few examples of the topics dentists can look forward to learning more about during a dentist CPD event:

  • practising within NHS rules and regulations
  • preparing for a CQC inspection
  • effective leadership and management to create a high-performance team
  • dental tax and accounting
  • dentist income protection
  • improving marketing skills and private potential.

This list is not exhaustive and in fact topics discussed at Watford dentist CPD seminars continue to evolve and change in light of feedback provided by attendees.

Making time for dentist CPD

Providers of dentist CPD in Watford are well aware of the time pressures that dentists today are facing. That’s why conferences are often one-day events held on Saturdays, so dentists needn’t disrupt their working week and can take the time to fully engage with their dentist CPD.

Building bridges

Dentist CPD in Watford is more than the sum of its parts. Attending a conference gives dentists the chance to network and create mutually beneficial professional relationships.

It’s official

After attending a dentist CPD event, dentists will be emailed a certificate as proof of their attendance.